The selected participants for the fARAD Lab 2017 edition are the following:

  • Cristina Haneș and Isabella Rinaldi, with A rifle and a bag;
  • Iulia Stoian and Maria Bălănean, with The Invisibles;
  • Andreea Dumitriu, with In line for a miracle; 
  • Mihnea Rareș Hanțiu and Marius M. Bogdan, with No Body;
  • Lucian Mircu and Mircea Gherase, with Superhombre.

fARAD Lab 2017 is a unique creative opportunity that consists of an intensive six-day workshop on creative sound in documentary, led by Dana Bunescu, a masterclass on storytelling and editing led by Erin Casper, and feedback sessions dedicated to projects in development selected for the lab.