Dream Boat

Director: Tristan Ferland Milewski
Germany, 2017, 90 min
Festivals: Berlin 

Q&A: Tristan Ferland Milewski & DJ My Name is Claude 

For one week, gay men from around the world gather on a cruise ship that docks away from daily worries, discrimination, and prejudice. Isolated on the water, floating in a perpetual party atmosphere, the men are filmed in candy-colored and often spectacular frames reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood musicals. As cruise passengers open up to the camera, though, the ship becomes an arc of our shared humanity, carrying within it our universal cargo: the fear of death, the need for family, the ardent desire for love, and the oft-repressed impulse for freedom.

Saturday, Oct 6, 21:00, Cinema Arta

The screening is followed by
Closing Party with DJ My Name Is Claude
(Cafeneaua Literară Joy’s)