In Focus at fARAD 6

For its sixth edition, to take place October 2-6, 2019fARAD continues to explore diverse forms of cinematic representation of reality in a selection of films offering different takes on this year's theme: The Map and the Territories.

"This year’s program constitutes a special travelogue, inspired by the realm of cities", writes Dimitris Kerkinos, fARAD's new artistic director. "Major urban centers? Rural small towns? Or simply geographical territories? It makes no difference. Our aim is to offer an insightful reflection on the relationship between cities, space, architecture, urbanization, geography and society. Paraphrasing Le Corbusier’s famous quote “Houses are machines for living in”, we’d say that cities and territories are also machines for living in, and our interest lays on how people inhabit them and relate to them; what they make out of them and how their particular habitat shapes their mentality, values and mindset.

The program features documentaries that highlight various aspects of global urban life, presenting a kaleidoscopic view of different spatial dynamics: peer into secret underground Madrid (The Hidden City), learn about life on Cuban buildings’ rooftops (Havana, From on High), take a look into the rural culture of the American Midwest (Monrovia, Indiana), witness the urban and social transformation of Hong Kong (Many Undulating Things), and watch life around world-famous Vittorio square in Rome (Piazza Vittorio). Moreover, the tribute’s opening film, The World Before Your Feet, follows a persistent man who discovers New York City by walking thousands of miles of its streets. The feud of two families residing at the Siberian taiga (Braguino), the creativity of three young friends in a desolate refugee camp in Western Sahara (Hamada), the refreshing artistic freedom that explodes on the streets of Kinshasa (System K), and an apartment that brings together past and present of the city of Iasi (Timebox) reveal the centrality of space and geography in the lives of the people who inhabit them.ˮ

This year, the festival honors the memory of the recently deceased Agnès Varda with her Murals, a documentary that invites us for a stroll around Los Angeles through its graffities and diverse cultures.

ˮThis year the festival explores the interaction between people and the city. From this perspective, I hope that Arad will discover at fARAD 6 its invisible facets and faces.ˮ, says Corina Șuteu, the president of the festival.

Like every year, the festival screenings will be complemented by special projects: the traditional fARAD Lab dedicated to young documentary filmmakers, events for children, conferences and debates, aimed to regenerate the local community of filmmakers and offering new opportunities for professional collaboration.