Main Program

"This year’s program constitutes a special travelogue, inspired by the realm of cities. Major urban centers? Rural small towns? Or simply geographical territories? It makes no difference. Our aim is to offer an insightful reflection on the relationship between cities, space, architecture, urbanization, geography and society. Paraphrasing Le Corbusier’s famous quote “Houses are machines for living in”, we’d say that cities and territories are also machines for living in, and our interest lays on how people inhabit them and relate to them; what they make out of them and how their particular habitat shapes their mentality, values and mindset."
- Dimitris Kerkinos, artistic director.

All screenings in Romanian and English.

All screenings in the main program at Cinema Arta
(Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 2, Arad)
Closing Party: Cafeneaua Literară Joy's (Str. Gheorghe Lazăr nr. 1, Arad)

Free admission to all events