SALON INSULA 42 | Investigative Documentary in Focus

There is a saying by Benjamin Franklin: "The height of foolishness is to discard an opportunity without full investigation."

This means that by the act of investigation one opens to opportunity, first, to understand better the others and, second, to understand better himself. It is no coincidence that the fARAD artistic team chose the investigative documentary as the banner for the 9th edition of the festival.

For this online special event, our special guests, directors Magnus Gertten (Nelly and Nadine) and Laurențiu Damian (president of the Romanian Filmmakers Association), and the artistic director of fARAD, Dimitris Kerkinos, will be in dialogue about the evolution of investigative documentary as a specific sub-genre, how the selection was made for the present edition and what is, today, the place of documentary within the general film production industry system worldwide. An essential conversation for Salon Insula 42, moderated by Corina Șuteu, the festival president.

The conversation will be held in English with the two foreign guests and in Romanian with Laurențiu Damian

Saturday, Sept. 10, 12:00
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