Salon Insula 42 - What is the place of documentaries in the audiences` interest today?


A debate with Dimitris Kerkinos and Mihai Chirilov around the place of documentaries in the audience’s interest today. Which are the issues that emerged, great trends or specific topics? Are young audiences interested in documentaries (is there a recent shift of this trend)? The 2020 edition of fARAD Film Festival presents a selection of Romanian documentaries, revealing the way the documentary world in Romania has evolved - from “Apa ca un bivol negru”/ “Black Buffalo Water” to “Acasă, My home” and “Colectiv”. How did festivals adapt and what it is believed to be the outcome of this period for the film industry. Will a curator’s role change with the pandemic?

Event in English. Available later on fARAD page.

Friday, Sept. 25, 11:00, LIVE Facebook Insula 42 & fARAD