Five projects in development have been selected for the 2018 fARAD Lab:

- Body of Crime (Patrick Brăila & Maria Popa), 
- Our Home (Victor Bulat), 
- Caliu (Cosmin Filișan), 
- The Night Shift (Cristina Iliescu), 
- House of Dolls (Tudor Platon & Natalia Deliu).

Mihai Dragolea, whose most recent production. Phoenixxx, will be showcased in the festival's main program, will also join the feedback session with his project in development, Come with me.

The third edition of fARAD Lab will take place at Cinema Arta in Arad from October 2-7, 2018, in conjuction with the festival's 5th edition and in partnership with BRD Groupe Société Générale.

The lab will include feedback sessions on the projects in development selected for the lab with the festival's special guests, an intensive six-day workshop on creative sound in documentary led by Dana Bunescu, and a masterclass on music in documentary films presented by Tristan Ferland Milewski, the director of Dream Boat, and the film's music composer, My Name is Claude.

Dana Bunescu, Tristan Ferland Milewski and Claude Ferland Milewski are joined as mentors by Mona Nicoară, Vaishali Sinha, Steven Lake, Edin Velez, Bianca Oana, Corina Șuteu, Mihai Chirilov and Oana Radu.