Special edition, fARAD 7 will explore the theme HOME in several Romanian documentaries. 

“In such a special year, when the watchword was #stayhome, fARAD also decided to stay home. The reasons are not necessarily related to the pandemic and safety, but to the quality, variety and festival pedigree of the new Romanian documentaries. In other words, it`s a domestically reconfigured edition, dedicated exclusively to local productions and hot themes from our recent reality. Not by chance, the opening film is called Acasă, My Home. But beyond the multi-award winning documentaries with a social touch and international impact (Lemn/Wood and Profu`/The Teach), there is also room for short life stories and personal stories (Totul nu va fi bine/Everything will not be fineCasa cu păpuși/House of DollsSuperhombre and Totul pentru Riana/Everything for Riana), the last three being incubated in the festival's laboratory. With such a portfolio, fARAD can afford to stay at home – but you`d better get out of the house and see them in art houses.” – Mihai Chirilov

Closing fARAD 7, we invite you to rediscover an archive projection, Black Buffalo Water, an essay film about the floods of the spring of 1970.

fARAD 2020 is one of the few events in Romania that wants to reaffirm the importance of the direct relationship between the spectator and the artistic experience, giving a deserved place to the Romanian documentary, notes Corina Șuteu, president and co-initiator of the festival.

We are glad that some of the filmmakers selected in fARAD 7 will join us in Arad: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan (director and producer), Lucian Mircu, Mircea Gherase, Mihai Dragolea (directors) and Horia Colibășanu, the protagonist of the documentary Superhombre. You can also meet them and ask questions during the Q&A sessions at the end of the screenings.


All screenings in the main program at Cinema Arta (Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 2, Arad) & Cinema Grădiște (Str. Petru Rareș nr. 25, Arad).

Admission is based on a reservation at rsvp@farad.ro or at the phone number 0257/280526. Free access to all events within the available seats.

Please observe the rules of physical distance inside Cinema Arta and Cinema Grădiște!



The fifth edition of fARAD Lab took place in an exclusively online format. The selected projects were: Still Nia (director Paula Oneț & producer Diana Caravia), Castles (directors Teona Galgoțiu & Bogdan Balla) și Electing Miss Santa (director Raisa Răzmeriță & producer Ion Gnatiuc).