"This year’s program constitutes a special travelogue, inspired by the realm of cities. Major urban centers? Rural small towns? Or simply geographical territories? It makes no difference. Our aim is to offer an insightful reflection on the relationship between cities, space, architecture, urbanization, geography and society. Paraphrasing Le Corbusier’s famous quote “Houses are machines for living in”, we’d say that cities and territories are also machines for living in, and our interest lays on how people inhabit them and relate to them; what they make out of them and how their particular habitat shapes their mentality, values and mindset."
- Dimitris Kerkinos, artistic director.




fARAD 2019 also included the fourth edition of the fARAD Lab, which took place between October 1-6 at Cinema Arta in Arad.

fARAD Lab included a series of feedback sessions with special guests of the festival on the developing projects of the participants and an intensive 6-days practical workshop held by Dana Bunescu, with the theme Sound of documentary film as part of the creative vision. Were added a seminar on Fiction in Documentary Filmmaking - A Case Study given by director Laurențiu Damian and one on Directing and Sound Recoding in Observational Documentary given by director Alexander Nanău and journalist Mihai Grecea, directors of the film Colectiv. The mentors invited to give intensive creative feedback on the selected developing projects were: directors Pedro Ruiz (Canada), Bo Wang (USA), Victor Moreno (Spain) and Nora Agapi (Romania), together with the creative team of the festival represented by the president of fARAD, Corina Șuteu, and the artistic director, Dimitris Kerkinos.

The selected projects and the participants of the fARAD 2019 Lab were Playground (Xandra Popescu & Laurențiu Cotac), It`s My Car (Florin-Alexandru Iordache), Letters from Ellen (Letiția Popa), The Man and His Shadow (Dragoș Hanciu) and The place where the Sun rises first, but justice comes last (Andrei Tache-Codreanu & Andrei Stoian). With the special participation of Octav Avramescu, a cinephile passionate about the sound of documentary film. Tudor Platon, Carla Fotea and Natalia Deliu returned to the Lab with the film House of Dolls, a project developed within the fARAD Lab 2018 and recently completed.


Festival team

Festival president: Corina Șuteu
Artistic director: Dimitris Kerkinos
Festival manager: Oana Radu
Programming consultant: Mihai Chirilov
Co-founder: Mona Nicoară
Production coordinator: Eugen Matei Lumezianu
fARAD Lab coordinator & social media: Elena Coman
PR: Quartz Media Production
Print traffic: Ștefan Bradea
Translations: Ligia Soare 
CMCA coordinators: Ramona Vărșăndan, Viorica Papp-Balint, Silvia Netedu, Adorian Ham
Volunteers coordinator: Cătălin Alb
Visual identity: Călin Man | kinema ikon
Design: Andrei Pastuhov
Trailer: Diana Rădulescu
Music trailer: a poem by Omar Pérez López
Photo: Ciprian Hord
Video: Mihnea Rareș Hanțiu