fARAD Documentary Film Festival returns for a compact eight edition with a selection of documentaries coming from major international festivals, reunited under the theme of FREEDOM. It will take place September 2-5, 2021 at Cinema Arta in Arad.

"This year’s focus attempts to explore the notion of freedom, presenting seven documentaries that record humans’ efforts to liberate themselves from the repressive forces that deprive their existence of its well-being. Whether they try to escape tyrannical political states or break from the oppression of tradition, to express themselves in new ways or choose to live secluded in the wildness seeking inner tranquility, inspiration or cure from personal traumas, the pursuit of freedom and the significance of personal choice, no matter the price paid, is what pushes us forward and makes us feel human." - Dimitris Kerkinos, artistic director

The screenings of the seven titles in the selection, many of them in Romanian Premiere, will be joined by special guests: directors Marianna Kakaounaki (Greece), Nikolaj Møller (Denmark), Bogdan Pușlenghea and Ovidiu Zimcea (Romania):


All screenings take place at Cinema Arta (Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 2, Arad) - Please consult access regulations (in Romanian)

Admission is free, based on prior reservation by email at rsvp@farad.ro or by phone at 0734-662-635, within capacity.



fARAD Lab continued in 2021 with its 6th edition in a compact, exclusively online format, which included a series of feedback sessions on the development projects of the invited participants, with Dana Bunescu (editor and sound designer), Laurențiu Damian (director), together with the fARAD creative team, represented by Corina Șuteu and Mihai Chirilov:

  1. Arma supremă, directed by Dragoș Turea;
  2. Love Lines, directed by Isabela von Tent;
  3. Viitor luminos, directed by Andra Popescu.