Salon Insula 42: Am I Really Free?

Salon Insula 42 proposes a debate about Freedom, the theme of the 8th edition of fARAD, having as guests Radu Muntean, Adina Pintilie and Mircea Cantor, in a conversation moderated by Mihai Chirilov and Corina Șuteu.

Radu Muntean, whose new film "Întregare" is not only a selection success in international festivals (Cannes and NYFF 2021, among others), but also an intense meditation on the subject around which the director built his creation: rebellion. The latent "anger" of being yourself is always paid a price, but the asserted need for inner freedom is what defines the humanity in us.

With "Touch Me Not", Adina Pintilie confirmed an extremely original talent, dealing with taboo topics from a reflective, philosophical and, at the same time, empathetic angle. A creator concerned with the limits of freedom and the organic need to free ourselves from prefabricated feelings.

From that video in which a wolf is locked in a white cube with a deer, passing through the carpets of Maramures with models of angels and the column of infinity reconceptualized in DNA, Mircea Cantor handles the eternal and the ephemeral, forcing us to understand that everything that is limitation is, in fact, self-limitation. That freedom of thought and spirit is our only guarantee. Am I really free?, the artist asks through the voice of Elias, his youngest son, in the new exhibition at the Dutch gallery Stuk, which also gives the title of this Salon.


See you on September 4 at the Salon Insula 42, in the company of the three artists!

The conversation will be in Romanian.


Saturday, Sept. 4, 16:00, LIVE Facebook Insula 42 & fARAD