Directors: Arash Riahi, Arman T. Riahi
2016, Austria, 95 min
Festivals: DIAGONALE 2016 – Audience Award, Sarajevo 2017 – Special Jury Award

Austrian children are as diverse, complicated, odd, and funny as any others. The Riahi brothers listened to a few of them and followed them for over two years: children who, though coming from different cultures or social strata, from the Middle East, through Africa or the former Yugoslavia, have in common their passion for music or, rather, not for music in isolation, but for a program called Superar and modeled after the famous children’s ensembles in Venezuela to which inspire, educate, and, last but not least, offer a community that embraces everyone.

Screenings for the Young 10+

Thursday, October 5th, 12:00, Cinema Arta
Friday, October 6th, 11:00, Cinema Arta
Saturday, October 7th, 11:00, Cinema Grădiște