The Artist and the Pervert

Directors: Beatrice Behn & René Gebhardt
Germany, 2018, 96 min
Festivals: Thessaloniki Doc Fest, HotDocs, Raindance


Mollena William-Haas is the wife of famed classical composer Georg-Friedrich Haas—and also his submissive “slave.” Things are further complicated by the fact Mollena is African American, a descendent of the real slaves brought to North America, while Georg, himself a descendent of Austrian Nazis, carries within him tremendous historic guilt. But things are also simple in some ways: Georg and Mollena are deeply in love and do everything together: art, vacations, and, yes, kinky sex. A profoundly humane film that combines frank and funny cinéma vérité with nostalgic animation and a predictably wonderful soundtrack.

Thursday, Oct 4, 21:30, Cinema Arta